Friday, March 4, 2016

Valentine's Weekend 2016

Now that we have made it into March...I'll try and catch up with February's pictures!! 

Prepping up for our Disneyland adventure in a few weeks has resulted in watching some youtube clips...I adore how Ken is holding onto Jam!

Went hiking at Comanche Lookout in San Antonio -  

When at the Japanese Tea Gardens, we must have a tea party! 

We saw three different brides taking photos/getting married and K loved seeing all the "princesses"!

Getting brave!

And a bowling promise was made to a three year old who never forgets anything...

We are so close to our next move, all the anxiety and stress are creeping in and the unexpected nostalgia for San Antonio is hilarious. (One of our favorite bumper stickers around town is "Keep San Antonio Lame"!) While this city certainly has it's downfalls, we have had so many adventures not only this time living here, but the last time as well!

Happy Friday ya'll.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Comfort and Enchanted Rock

Mr. Lawler has been itching to visit Enchanted Rock nearly every weekend since we have been living here in Texas and we finally made it a couple weekends ago!

On the drive there, we passed signs for Comfort, Texas advertising antique stores - so we stopped...

cutest little hill country town EVER.

And while I love junkin', the distillery we came upon took the cake!

After getting our moonshine on we walked a bit and then hit the road to Enchanted Rock again.

It was windy.


It was gorgeous. 

It was a little terrifying to let Ken walk by herself. 

It was a LOT higher than I expected. 

It was a "basoliths".

"A basilisk?"


An amazing Saturday that came full circle when we headed back to Comfort for dinner at High's Cafe which turned out to be incredible!


On another note,

Ken is rocking her homeschool preschool activities, getting excited about Washington, being the sweetest (most of the time) sister and graduated her swim level and gets to move up a class - yay!!

Jam has been finally gaining weight!! Talking SO much - favorite phrases include "wear my baby", "i want down", "dance with me", "mommy wine", "please read book" and "hungry for taco".
She is super sensitive to most everything including how her big sister feels and she surprises me every day with how adventurous (read: terrifyingly unlike her cautious sister) she is! 

Happy Thursday! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Camping in Lawrence - Laterblog

It is 2:30 on a Tuesday and we are still in our jammies. 

I don't know what happened...we usually always manage to at least get dressed, even on days that we don't leave the house...but not today!

Now Jam is napping.
Ken...somehow we have started calling K-Cup by Ken in real life,
 so it seems natural to start calling her that on the blog now as well...
Ken and I just made cookies and did some "school work" and now while she watercolors I am working on our 2015 photo album. By working on, I don't mean sitting at a table full of scrapbooking materials - I have already tried and failed that enough times to just trust shutterfly with my photo books! 

Ken just came in here and said - 
"Mama, when I was in your belly...I could...I could see all your bones. HAHAHAHAHAHAH."

That kid is a nut. 

Anyways, going through all the old pictures has me reminiscing...
mainly about how much I miss Kansas!
So, I wanted to share some pictures from adventures that we missed on the blog last year! 

Today's throw-back-Tuesday (?) adventure is one of our camping trips in Lawrence, KS!

Starting off with boozy milkshakes on Massachusetts Street!

Setting up camp

Wow, is my guy good looking'!

Hiking, tag, laughing at how amazingly prepared Mr. Lawler is for every scenario, playgrounds, the girls dragging stuffed dogs around everywhere they went...
Then of course, s'mores.  

In the morning we woke up early and hit the trails-

 And as easy as it would have been to stay at Clinton State Park for another day or two...that day my parents, brother, niece and nephew were headed to see us!

 Maybe our Lawler adventures will get back to Lawrence, KS someday!