Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Arkansas Trip - November 2015

 I feel like every chance we get to visit Arkansas, it's a rediscovery of ourselves.

 We embrace all the growing and changing.

We remember the roots. That anchor of home.  

 The adventures met with solid familiarity.  

The laughs and drinks and sighs of relief.

We see how far we've come and how close we have stayed.

We introduce huge parts of our lives to each other. 

And although doing things differently may be hard...

there still manages to be quite a bit of rediscovery and magic. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Quiet mornings with slime in our cereal milk.

All these little moments keep making me fall more and more in love with our little family. 

The quiet mornings of alone time with Jam before her big sister wakes up.
She clutches to my shoulder as I balance her on my hip to get the coffee going. We snuggle up on the couch and talk.  I breastfeed her and watch an episode of John Oliver or Scandal and wait on their my Mr. to get home from the gym. He gets home and she watches from the couch while we practice yoga.  She'll join in, or try to hurry us along by rolling up our mats mid-Yoga With Adriene video.

Then the threenage princess graces us with her presence.  I say that only with a slight tone of sarcasm.  While yesterday when I took these pictures she awoke with a joyful excitement for the she woke with the disgust for everything.  

 They laugh.  K asks about our plans for the day.  We eat cacao cereal and buttered toast.  K makes up a story about being an astronaut and how I need to take her picture to show the other astronauts.  

They also made a  huge mess, put "slime" in the leftover milk, yelled at one another and put up a fight about getting dressed to head to swim lessons.  And that's apart of it.  

It's all apart of the same messy, wonderful morning that makes me fall more and more in love with our little family. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday, November 21st

Getting back in our groove since moving to Texas has been harder than I'd like.
My husband is gone much more than expected.
My big kid has been hit with a large dose of the world not being fair.
I miss my friends.

Such is life.
But today felt good. 
Today felt like a Lawler day.
(until 3:00 when Mr. Lawler had to go study more! Darn his commitment to excellence!)

They didn't have shoes small enough for my teensy child.  

We are all so photogenic. 

Bowling is pretty intense. 

She used to always walk with her hands behind her back like this, now it's reserved for quiet moments of contemplation.  

Little giggles from the rice box are calling me. 


Mrs. Momma Lawler

Friday, November 20, 2015

My Blogging Truth

I've haven't been feeling the blogging lately. 
I toy with the idea of ditching it all together, but then I'll make something, learn something or eat something and picture different ways to share it.  

I feel like we have a world that already reads many perfectly put together blogs, has SO much information and an unending supply of DIY/Homemade/YourNotDoingEnoughToBeYourBestSelf projects and/or ideas...

Do I want to be apart of that?  Sometimes.  Having an online "journal" to read in the future.  I enjoy pretty pictures.  And we love projects.  As a military family I am isolated often from my friends and family and it's a way to connect with them and update them on us.  I like sharing bits and pieces of our world to inspire and spark ideas in others...just as I love reading other blogs and getting homeschool/cooking/crafty ideas.  

The feedback I receive is a driving force as well. Having family, friends, acquaintances and strangers sending messages wanting more information on something I mentioned or questions about our lifestyle choices gives me the desire to put more out there!  But at the same time, I don't want anyone to feel as though I'm shoving our choices in their face.  There seems to be a fine line in my heart about not caring at all what people think and caring WAY too much.  

I'm not getting paid for any of this.  I'm not even close to being a professional writer. My expertise as a mom, wife, chef, photographer, crafter, breastfeeder, nutritionist, doula and yogi are all quite made up in my own brain.   I'm actually a barely adequate novice in most of those subjects.  I dabble in lots and change my mind on what I'm passionate about almost yearly...if not monthly.  

This is all leading up to some of the blog posts I wrote feeling forced, I was working for some imaginary boss with an imaginary deadline that said I needed to take perfect pictures with scripted fonts to get shared on Pinterest so people link back to this blog and read more of me.  

And I'm realizing, for me, that is silly.  Maybe if I was getting paid...but since no-one has offered me any sums of money for my media pressure is the only real reason for my feelings of "presenting a perfect picture-ness." I need no magic number of followers, I don't currently offer any services in need of advertisement (not until we have a real home and my placenta encapsulation and doula-ing can get going again!) and I definitely don't have anyone telling me how to present our life.  At the same time, I love reading blogs that are picture perfect! But that's not us. 

So here is my starting over starting point.

It may not look any different to readers who don't really know me.  But it's going to feel different for me.  

Hell, I may have just been in a ranting mood and not post again for months.  Hopefully that is not the case.  My wish is to share our little life.  Whether that is for myself, inspiration or caution is up to the particular reader!! 

In honor of being real...I'm not only going to show you a snapshot of today's meal planning and blogging time that looks serene and lovely, even though there's nothing really wrong with only presenting this truth: 

instead, I'll show the whole messy picture:

This is what napping baby, meal planning and cranking out a blog full of grammatical errors looks like today.  Oh, and it took almost three hours with all the cleaning up of sand, playing with K-Cup and constant feeding of children.  

Maybe I'll write again soon. 


Mrs. Momma Lawler

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easy DIY Slime

Headed to bed, but wanted to quickly post about this super quick diy slime!

1 ingredient
(plus water)

10 minutes

Hours of Fun
(read: Quiet but Busy Time)

We made slime a few weeks ago and it's still an afternoon favorite for Miss K-Cup!

Found a few recipes online and had put it off until I read one that called for Metamucil.

That's right.

Let's make some slime with a laxative.

I know that the acting ingredient of Metamucil is psyllium husk powder- 
so thats what I decided to try!

There is our one ingredient.  

Plus water.

No wonder it works as a laxative! (womp womp)
It seriously started sliming immediately!

Simmered 3 tablespoons of psyllium and 3 cups of water for about 5 to 10 minutes 

Then to get some color, I added a teaspoon of turmeric and a dash of green glitter!

It's been so much fun for so little effort!


Mrs. Momma Lawler

Monday, March 16, 2015

Superhero Princesses to the Rescue!

 My big baby is THREE!
To celebrate, we had a little shindig that turned out pretty darn adorable.

K-Cup pre-gamed with a wake up in a room full of balloons...which is the equivalent reaction of an adult winning the lottery! 

Then we did a little decorating 

Had a successful chalkboard experience! 

And put up the array of homemade capes and tutus! Not a big deal to most...but the hate-hate relationship I have with my sewing machine makes these a BIG deal!

And then party time! 

Both sets of K's grandparents made the trip, lots of friends came to celebrate and I don't think we could have had a better day! 

The kids painted super hero masks 

  Played in the gorgeous weather 

Opened presents 

Had a horribly hilarious Pinterest FAIL

(It worked for her invitations!)

And thanks to the genius man I married, we got Chipotle catering! He knew I would have put SO much work into making Pinterest worthy super hero princess themed foods with matching name tags...that he decided to be my hero and rescue me from the inevitable stress. It was awesome, they provided EVERYTHING we could ever need. Actually more than we needed. 


Ordered the basic catering (20 person min), had 16 adults and 9 kids. We all ate. And then 6 adults and 1 kid ate leftovers for dinner. And then 2 adults ate leftovers the next day for lunch. And then 4 adults and 1 kid ate leftovers for dinner. 

Want me to keep going?
 Because I can.

Then we ate leftovers this afternoon (with some scrambled eggs...needed to add some variety in!)
And we STILL have guac, pico, sour cream and cheese in the fridge and we froze a gallon bag of rice, gallon bag of beans and a 1/2 gallon bag of Sofritas. 

Ya'll this was a TON of food. 

And of course, cake. 
The chantilly cake from Whole Foods.
Hands down.
BEST cake I've ever eaten. 

I'm so thankful for the outpouring of love to our little Lawler family and I think I'm ready to throw another party! 

This little is turning one in a couple months....

But today I have two sick babies that are laying around being pathetic and I'm going to cuddle them now, I'm guessing it's the kiddo hangover of having a super busy and  amazing weekend! 

Mrs. Momma Lawler