Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DIY Play Kitchen

 What a project!

May have been my favorite so far - 

It is definitely K-Cup's favorite!

We started with two matching nightstands that had been sitting unused in our guest room -

 To create the "farmhouse sink"...Mr. Lawler removed the top drawer and shortened it's depth.
We also sanded down the sharp edges for a rounded look.  
 Then he cut a hole in the top of the nightstand for the drawer to slip it down into.  

We removed the front board of the bottom drawer and then left the drawer in place for storage.

While Mr. Lawler was working on the cutting - I painted some accessories!
Two squares for the burner bases, some small discs and square dowels for the tops of the burners.
Two knobs and an upside-down "J" for the sink. 

For the 2nd nightstand/oven side of the kitchen, Mr. Lawler removed the fronts of the drawers and used scrap wood to create on oven door.  I found a clear sheet of plastic for the oven front at hobby lobby (in the quilting dept.) for $1.99 and the hinges and magnet lock at a local hardware store for a few dollars! I also bought some knobs at Hobby Lobby for the oven "dials".  

The rest was pretty much all cosmetic! 

We added two flat boards to the backs of the nightstands with a few screws.

Painted the outsides turquoise and the sink white.  

Painted the inside of the oven silver.

Took one of my waist aprons and attached it under the sink.

Created a garland out of cupcake liners.

Added two chalkboard magnet sheets.

Framed two cutesy prints (One from 1 Canoe 2 and Sycamore Street Press).

And we added a little towel rack to hang our Ikea pots/pans on.
(Thanks Dad for making that Ikea trip for us!)

For a project that didn't have any plans whatsoever…I think it turned out amazing!

A lot of it was trial and error 
(especially the oven door, apparently we have never put hinges on anything!)

but I wouldn't have it any other way :D 

Our daughter ADORES playing in her kitchen and I couldn't be happier.

And although I did do a LOT of the work…hearing her say

"my daddy make this for me"

melts my heart! 

Hope this can create some inspiration for some and if you have any questions about specifics…
feel free to ask!

Have a happy Wednesday :D


Mrs. Momma Lawler

Friday, February 21, 2014

Orange Rooibos Chai Shortbread

We made some cookies.

Actually, we made 70 cookies.

I was combining an assortment of recipes and ideas found via Pinterest….
and that resulted in a LOT more dough than expected…
Instead of just freezing and saving the dough - thought it best just to go ahead and bake them all.
Oh- the pregnant mindset! 

 This was also suppose to result in our 2nd "episode" of 

Kennedy Cooks!

but…my filming while also managing a toddler's baking made for a lousy bunch of shots!
Next time we will be recruiting Mr. Lawler to be our video camera man :D

I'm going to cut my recipe in half so that you hopefully only come out with about 35 cookies…

And in addition to being organic and vegan…these yummies are also dairy free! 


Cookies - 
3 cups Organic Unbleached Flour
1 1/4 cups Organic Powdered Sugar
3 tea bags of Organic Rooibos Chai (or whatever tea you want to try!)
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1 Organic orange zested and juiced
1/2 cup Organic Coconut Oil
1/2 cup Organic Olive Oil

Icing (not necessary…but delicious!)-
1/2 cup Organic Powdered Sugar
2-5 tablespoons Organic Juice (I used Sambazon's Acai Berry)


In a bowl/stand mixer combine all of the cookie ingredients except the oils.

Slowly our in the coconut and olive oils.

A soft dough will form (if it's extremely crumbly…add a little more olive oil!)

Split the dough into two equal parts and roll into 2" thick logs and then wrap in parchment paper.

Freeze them for 1-2 hours (too long and it will be impossible to cut without some defrost time!).

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line baking sheet with parchment paper.

Slice logs into 2" thick discs and spread on cookie sheet (1-2" apart).

Bake for 18-20 minutes  - you want golden brown bottoms!

Place on cooling rack and wait..

I know. It's hard.

But totally worth it!

Once the cookies are cool, mix icing sugar and juice in a ziplock or icing bag and drizzle!

Now you can eat one.

Amazing huh?

Hope you all enjoy these super delicious shortbreads.
  I thankfully have given away most of mine..but not after devouring MORE than my fair share!

Happy Friday!


Mrs. Momma Lawler

Thursday, February 6, 2014

2nd Trimester Review

 I am in shock over how fast the 2nd trimester went!

I feel like I JUST posted my 1st trimester review - 

definitely shows how keeping busy can make time fly.

Weeks 13-16
(4th month)

My little bump grew some more -
 still only myself and my close friends & family noticing though!

I crave oranges. 
ALL the time.

(Which explains why we gave out oranges with jack-o-lantern faces painted on them for Halloween!)

Went to MommyCon and had an amazing time getting to hear all sorts of speakers and meet other like-minded mommas! 

Nursing Miss K is still going well - 
she is down to nursing after lunch at nap time, at bedtime and once or twice in the night 
(I'm still not waking up for those though!)

I do however get up to pee once or twice throughout the night!

Weeks 17-20
(5th month)

Itchy itchy itchy
The combination of colder weather and stretching skin is driving me bonkers!

I lotion - I oil - I butter

My stomach, breasts and legs are SO itchy!

Other than that…all is fabulous 

We made a family trip to Pittsburgh 
(read about it HERE)
and it was great! 

A little bummed not to get to try all the beers I wanted to…

Weeks 21-25 weeks
(6th month)

This was a little bit of a stressful month for me.

We were told after my ultrasound that they had noticed some Choroid Plexus Cysts 
on our little's brain - resulting in a super ultrasound - resulting in too much googling-
resulting in a long blog post that you can read HERE.

Then there was also the holidays-
which I love-

but with all that excitement comes a lot of visitors, money spending, house cleaning and so forth-

which explains why by the end of this month…I'm getting a little tired.

I pretty much did everything in my power
 to get us out of every social function I could
 by the beginning of 2014!

I succeeded. :D

Weeks 26-29
(7th month)

I'm getting tired.

Baby K had a week of wanting to have baba's (nurse) ALL the time.
I'm sure there is some hormonal reason - but that week - it just felt ridiculous - 
thank goodness it didn't last long and she is back to just before nap and bed time!

We made a road trip to Colorado
 (post about that adventure coming soon!)
and although it was a super exciting adventure…
it wore me out!

Then to top off the tiredness - 
my constant peeing turned into a UTI :(

So a round of antibiotics for me 
(and a double round of probiotics after that!)

Plus we are trying to cut back the already little amount of sugar we consume…
definitely not helping the exhaustion problem.

My morning yoga practice has finally been shifted because of the growing belly…
but not too much! 
My favorite video currently is :

I've also added in prenatal Pilates on days when K is having a good nap.

I gained 4 pounds in the first trimester - and have added another 20 since then!!
Sheesh - it always feels like more when writing it out :D

My midwife advised me to gain around 28-40 pounds total…so I'm feeling good about it!

So, we are starting off the 3rd trimester feeling energized and productive :D

(maybe because I have been forced to get rested due to the crazy snow/temperatures outside!)

Our little Jamison is the size of an acorn squash this week! 
Is it totally weird that I want to eat one now…?

Hope you all are staying warm 
and remember to enter the

for an item from my Etsy store!


Mrs. Momma Lawler

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Guest Post and Giveaway!

No real post from me today-

just a reminder to check out my guest spotlight at

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Good luck :D


Mrs. Momma Lawler

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

10 Years of Lawler

Today is the 10th birthday of Facebook!

Crazy huh?

you can even watch a little video montage of your "history"!

Which got me thinking about the last 10 years with Mr. Lawler :D

Although we have not been "together" that long…

we DO have 10 years of history ;)

We seem to have our biggest moments on even years…so I'll stick to those to keep this semi-short :D

Northwest Arkansas High School - we meet and become - 
as my mom would put it - 
"friends that full body hugged…"

His yearbook entry from 2004...

and yes…that does say "I'll love you again." :D

We were babies :D
 And to get even more cliche...

He was a football boy…and I was a cheer girl!

Now he is in the Army and I'm headed off to MSU

We are still "just friends"…but friends who send ridiculously flirty Facebook messages
(seriously…I thought about posting a picture of one…but am too embarrassed)

The flirting became almost kissing in party closets
and then kissing became actual dating

(i do realize this mis-order of that…we were trouble!)



6 years of friendship and flirting with 2 years of dating, degree finished and 
ready to move off to San Antonio…
Mr. Lawler decided it was time to lock this awesome-ness down for life :D

 3 months later - we were married <3 p="">

 In true Army fashion…a few weeks later we were living 12 hours from our "home"
and all on our own to start our married adventure 

Sticking with our 2 year timeline…we had our amazing little Miss K :D

This was the year that we learned what true joy and happiness was :D

And here we are.

 And in a couple short months…
our trio will be adding a 4th member :D

I can't wait to see what the NEXT ten years of Lawler have in store for us! 

Happy Birthday Facebook - 

thanks for bringing me on a trip down memory lane :D


Mrs. Momma Lawler

(Make sure you check back tomorrow for some info about a giveaway I'm a part of!!)