Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A great start to October

Hello October!

Here are some snapshots into our first October weekend in the PNW.

Spoiler: it's GORGEOUS here.  
and so is my husband. 

We collected leaves to use in our art and s.t.e.m projects for homeschool this week.  

Getting outside is such a huge part of our day because of moments like this...she stopped dead in her tracks to blow this weird looking plant repeatedly for at least a minute.  If it's not blowing a plant, its dissecting a mushroom, smelling bark or making a pattern out of rocks...littles are strange and totally awesome.  

Of course, it's not always easy to be four. 

First leaf project was to laminate an array of colors to use for matching, mandala making, color sorting, pairing with leaves in our books, throwing, using as fans....

Stickers and snacking go hand in hand.  

and sliding. 

 The girls favorite leaf project of the weekend: 
leaf puppets. 

Homeschooling rocks because...

Ken had a whim about seeing some dinosaurs...so we drove into the city to the Pacific Science Center and found some! Of course, after we googled "best vegetarian restaurants in Seattle" and had some kick ass lunch at Plum Bistro.

 She got to see all sorts of animatronic dinos and watch a video (starring a young Fred Savage) about dinosaurs that "rocked" and has since watched it multiple times on youtube! 

And you can't visit such an amazing science museum without hitting loads of other exhibits. 
(Yes, thats the Space Needle hanging out right next to the museum!)

Our first trip into a planetarium was my favorite part!  And with only adults watching the show, Ken was able to answer the most questions about space correctly...

The butterfly exhibit started our newest dream of adding a butterfly house to our future homestead...

and again made me love homeschooling.  Getting to include our multiple ages in similar but different projects lets me see them work together and teach each other.  

Left the museum and decided...why not go ahead and hit the Space Needle?

We live here and have yet to get up there! Plus side, it was nearly empty. 


Ken's kitchen skills have also been taking it up a notch.

Here she is making black garlic whipped cream cheese.
(that I had to stop her (and myself) from eating before finishing the rest of dinner!)

Chopping, oiling and seasoning some kale from the garden to roast.

I chopped the honey nut squash and brussels sprouts and she salted and peppered.

We roasted all the veggies and some walnuts, toasted a baguette and had open faced sandwiches. We layered them... black garlic cream cheese, roasted kale, squash and brussels, topped with roasted walnuts and strawberry basalmic reduction.

Oh my goodness. I love food. 

It's no longer the weekend for the most of you...but with an Army nursing schedule dictating days off, Tuesday is a part of the weekend sometimes.  Today included a pregnancy glucose test (yuck), swim lessons, finding a new favorite brunch place, decorating the house for Halloween, writing a letter to one of our favorite little friends in Kansas and reading a new magazine while little sister napped.  

LOVE this magazine!

Well. That was quite a few photos. 
 We are still loving living here and spending our days learning together.  

Pregnancy is slowly eating away at my sanity...but I'm hanging in there.


Mrs. Lawler

Friday, September 16, 2016

family photos 2016

I take quite a few photos...every hour :D

But rarely do we get shots of our entire family!

Marianna of MaKri Photography always catches us so well and has been a part of so many wonderful moments in our life! A big thank you to her for always making time for us when we are in town!

We may have been bribing the girls with gummy bunnies to keep participating...

So thankful to have these captures of our little Lawler family.


Mrs. Lawler