Friday, September 16, 2016

family photos 2016

I take quite a few photos...every hour :D

But rarely do we get shots of our entire family!

Marianna of MaKri Photography always catches us so well and has been a part of so many wonderful moments in our life! A big thank you to her for always making time for us when we are in town!

We may have been bribing the girls with gummy bunnies to keep participating...

So thankful to have these captures of our little Lawler family.


Mrs. Lawler 

magical afternoons

I think it may be this pregnancy that is bringing on the sentimentality. 
Or just how seemingly big the girls are getting...
it's just every little afternoon we have seems magical.

We had another day of sunshine before the days get short,
being our first time in Washington...I'm not sure what and when to expect! 

We to start out the mornings with sweaters 
and then change into sun dresses by mid afternoon.

And yet again, we spent our afternoon doing like we do...
some school projects, some reading, some household work, some cooking...
but mostly...


A mud pit and having a little table for mud pie making may be the best backyard addition ever!

Borax crystals science project...K loves them!
(we followed this tutorial The Craft Train ) 

I can't believe how much kale we have. It has been 5 MONTHS of bringing in full baskets of harvested greens every week and these guys are still going.  And pretty soon the carrots and cabbages will be joining in.  

  Here's to a few more sunshine days before the rain sets in.  And before third trimester, which as previous pregnancies has shown a time for holing up and snuggling inside anyways! 

I'm going to go stare at my littles before they come bigs.


Mrs. Lawler