Monday, February 23, 2015

Today, I'm in awe.

Some days I am stressed. 

Some days I wish there was more of a need for my presence in the grown-up world.

Some days I don't understand why everyone is ALWAYS hungry.

Some days I get angry at the state of the world we live in.  

But then the rest of the days, I'm in awe.

I'm in love with the man who gets up freakishly early to be proactive about his own health, then to a job where he goes above and beyond the call of duty, comes home and kisses me right before he heads off on an adventure to an entire world of imagination with our girls...and then he insists on doing dishes after dinner.  

Inspired by our 2 (almost 3) year old who has SOOO many feelings that she is trying to figure out, but still manages to have such joy in her spirit. 

In wonderment at our baby, she wants to know things, she wants to go places, she wants to say things, and I believe someday... she will definitely know somewhere to go and something to say. 

 In this life we have created.  The choices we have made.  The adventures we have gone on.

The love and mindfulness that we have in our home.

I'm in awe. 

It is one of those great days...

Probably because both girls are napping at the same time ;)


Mrs. Momma Lawler

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Happy Saturday Lovelies!

It's a cold rainy morning here in Kansas and usually about now we would be headed out on whatever adventure we had decided at the absolute last minute planned...but after a series of many vein surgeries on Mr. Lawler last week - we shall take it easy! Did my yoga {Yoga with Adriene!}, have my coffee, let's blog!

Do you read the Natalie Creates blog?  We met her and her hubby at The Little Craft Show and I just adore her little farm and crafty projects! Our post-army life {hopefully} will follow a similar lifestyle as the one they have created.  

I loved her "Currently" list and wanted to play! 

playing: Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors station on Pandora! 

watching: My handsome guy try to clean the kitchen AND watch/feed/entertain the girls!

trying: To cut out the sugar.  We keep trying and are slowly eating less sugar...

cooking: Roasted vegetables. Brussel Sprouts taste like CANDY.  I have always always hated brussel sprouts...but now, almost daily, we have 2-3 pans of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, squash and brussel sprouts happily roasting away.  The problem is trying to get them to a bowl.  K-Cup and I  get caught shoveling handfuls of amazing veggies into our mouths often! (I usually set the temp at 400 degrees, drizzle olive oil and a bit of sea salt and roast for 20-40 minutes...I like them a little burnt and crispy)

eating: I'm dreaming of gourmet doughnuts from a little local shop...

drinking: Coffee. With a bit of organic carob powder mixed in...

calling: The cable company - why on earth am I paying for cable in the days of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime?

texting (FaceTiming): my Momma & Daddy - they are off galavanting in PittsburgH ! 

pinning: Montessori and Waldorf homeschool pre-school curriculums...and vegan noms. 

tweeting: haha, whatever I'm instagramming...I can't recall ever even looking at my twitter account! 

crafting: Ollibots! My lovely friend {she blogs essential oil goodness HERE} gifted us the goodies to make these for Christmas and our toddler girl LOVES them! I'm also in the process of putting together a loom for some upcoming weaving projects! 

doing: Cleaning.  Today's projects include a deep clean of the washer/dryer, a deep clean of the oven and de-funking some towels. 

going: NOWHERE.  We drove to the city 6 times in the last week. We are having a cave day. 

loving: The handsome man doing the pile of dishes in my kitchen right now. 

hating: My empty coffee cup. 

discovering: The joys of watching two sisters starting to play TOGETHER. 

enjoying: Our planning for the adventures in this upcoming year. 

hoping (for): A nap from the big girl today! And a happy, healthy baby for this week's placenta client! 

celebrating: the forecast...SNOW! 

smelling: Kid Safe Sniffle Stopper oils diffusing in my diffuser

thanking: can I reference the handsome husband again? He really is the best. 

starting: Another batch of Kombucha...I'm swimming in scoby's!

Now, I'm breastfeeding my little to sleep and going to tackle those cleaning projects! Have a beautiful Saturday my friends.

Mrs. Momma Lawler

Monday, January 12, 2015

Vanilla Cranberry Mojitos!


As much as I appreciate the ease and deliciousness that comes with opening and pouring a bottle of wine...this weekend I had a hankering (yes, hankering) for something with a little more...oomph. 

And boy did I find it!

We had rum and fresh mint in the house, so my first realization was that mojitos were in order! 

I spent a few minutes on Pinterest going over the basics of mojito making. 

Then back to the fridge to see if there was anything else in here that might be good. Traditional mojitos were out because I used up the last of my limes the day before!

I found the cranberries. They have been in the fridge for a while, I'm not the biggest cranberry fan...but they came in our weekly organic fruit and veggie there they were. 

They sure are pretty.

I knew they would LOOK good in my mojito, but wasn't sure how the tartness would appeal. 

My cure for tartness: Madagascar vanilla extract. 

And the Vanilla Cranberry Mojito was born. 


1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 teaspoon Madagascar vanilla extract
1 cup cranberries (divided)
1/4 to 1/2 cups fresh mint
3-6 oz (shots) dark rum - this is a personal judgement call 
Soda water

First, we put the sugar, water, vanilla and half the cramberries in a saucepan and heat till the sugar is dissolved and the cranberries are popping. Remove from heat. 

Get out your muddler! 

Split your mint, a pinch or two of sugar and a couple cranberries into your glasses and muddle away. Mash that yummy goodness for a few seconds and then let them sit for a few minutes. 


Go hug your babies, kiss your love, check Instagram or take some cleansing breaths. 

I let mine rest for about 20 minutes because I was also cooking lunch and got distracted! (We had roasted delicata squash on a bed of quinoa with olive oil and basalmic vinegar...delicious!!)

Anyways, once you've let it sit for a bit, add ice, split your simple syrup mix between the glasses, add your booze and top with soda water and any leftover cranberries!


Mrs. Momma Lawler

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


 Happy New Year Lovelies!


Are you trying to stay warm?

I'm dreading taking K-Cup to ballet today because I know that we will have
 to be outside for about 60 seconds going from the parking lot to the studio! 

Our New Year's Resolutions are similar to last years...

sticking with a "healthier and happier" theme!

Less Sugar
Less Meat
Less Stuff
Less Spending

More Adventures
More Love 
More Greens
More Presence

That's the gist of it.

I feel like we have been doing quite well in all of those areas, 
but there is always room for improvement!

Netflix isn't helping...

They added FRIENDS!

Of course, one of the only shows I could watch over and over FOREVER.


I don't ever want to stop.

The Office has the same effect.

Thank goodness for the voice of reason in our house - Mr. Lawler.

I'm trying to only watch episodes WITH him...
(he's never watched Friends in order!?)
because he has self-control :D

Other than a Netflix ailment,
being productive and present in the New Year is going well.

And in order to be more present, 
I'm going to get in the floor and play with my babies a bit before heading out in the cold for ballet.

Mrs. Momma Lawler

Monday, November 10, 2014

Going Home

 It is no secret that I love going home-
home being Arkansas!!

{the past and future spot of where we will lay our heads at night}

And this last trip didn't disappoint!

Every time we visit, new restaurants have opened, breweries have popped up, more of our friends and family have had babies and we fall more in love with the adventures of our future.

We spent time with cousins-

 We took the finally boating trip of the year, enjoyed sunrises and sunsets at the best view in the world, and spent time with my people :D 

 We went on tea party adventures and ate too much sugar!

And we revisited one of my favorite memory spots :)

The last time I visited the Christ of the Ozark's was on a romantic Bed N Breakfast weekend with the guy I wound up marrying.  We drank too much and wandered the streets of a quaint little awesome town...the next day we drove to the Christ of the Ozark's - where we ran into my super fun neighbor {Hi Cory!} who was randomly in the back of The Traveling Piano man's pickup truck.  We played on this hill- dancing, singing, smoking cigars and talking about life for the whole afternoon.  It was quite a day.

This visit was different.
Great in it's own way. This time I was with my Momma and my littles.  We played, talked and breastfed.  Then headed to a winery...because it had reached a time of day that was more socially acceptable :D 

And best part about our current military duty station? 

I get to go back in a couple of weeks :)

Happy Monday ya'll

Mrs. Momma Lawler

Sunday, November 9, 2014

EASY Toddler Activity Time

Apparently our last day of Fall is tomorrow...
further propelling our hunt for awesome {indoor} toddler activities!

We prefer activities that engage her to come up with her own game or play - there is plenty of structure during non-play time!!

Our recent go-to's have been super easy and totally worth it.  I'm sure I have pinned hundreds of pins with the same basic ideas- I just don't know why it took me so long to implement them.

The Bean Box

Bought 3 or 4 bags of beans, dumped them in a box 
We keep an old sheet in the box to make clean up a breeze! Thanks Christina!!
We have heard her using the different pieces as different characters in a story, different beans as different forms of money, sorting the beans into like categories, and the beans have also been a dessert that Olaf was trekking across! 

The Rice Box

Same concept as the bean box, but with a lot more color!

We separated a 10lb bag of rice into 5 ziplock bags with a dollop of different paint colors in each bag.
Shake SHAKE Shake
Let them dry.

They also have their own box, an old sheet and "tools".  
K-Cup does less story telling with the rice and more "cooking".  Lots of pouring, funneling, stirring and shaking!

Buttons and Pipe Cleaners

That's it.

The first day we did this, she sat there for an hour.


Threading buttons onto pipe cleaners. Lots of pipe cleaners into one button.
Sorting the colors. Matching button colors with pipe cleaner colors.

Great for fine motor skills and Momma's ability to get laundry folded and their closet organized!

Hope this gets you inspired to create an environment of open play with super easy and fun projects!

Mrs. Momma Lawler

Monday, November 3, 2014

fall back

f a l l  b a c k 

I spent the day seeing memes 
(I think that is what captioned pictures are called now?)
about how gaining that hour with the time change doesn't count if you have kiddos...


Not only I get less sleep because of the time change, 

but the littlest Lawler decided to grow some more teeth!

But then I look outside...and totally don't care.


A little terrifying to know that winter is creeping up on us.


Quick catch up?

JamJar is growing!
 (What? Your totally surprised?!)

She rolls, she "talks", she sits up and she makes us fall more in love with her every minute.

She is currently fighting through a little cold and it breaks my heart to see her uncomfortable! 

We've been diffusing Sniffle Stopper by Plant Therapy's line of KidSafe oils, breastfeeding, sitting is luke-warm baths and using our Baby Comfy Nose to get rid of her hopefully she will feel better soon! 

The past couple of months have also been busy for K-Cup - 

She started ballet 

Finally potty trained! 

Started cuddling to sleep instead of breastfeeding

Had her first horse ride-

And convinced her Granny to get her an Elsa AND an Anna outfit 

Mr. Lawler and I have spent the last couple months of Fall furthering our plant based eating habits, cutting down on sugar, deepening our yoga practice, cutting back on social media and adventuring even more together.  And it is wonderful :D

And now that we are getting into a slower groove for winter...

maybe, just maybe....

I will keep up with blog posts.


Mrs. Momma Lawler

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Coconut Water Kefir AND Make-Ahead Steel Cut Oats

Who is getting more productive?

The Lawler Family!

After watching a few too many documentaries - 

and working through our Happier and Healthier 2014 Resolution

We are doing really well getting rid of excess, being mindful, getting shit done and appreciating life.

The initial plan followed Money Saving Mom's 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home

and we have continued with that daily in trying to get rid of something we don't 
"find useful or beautiful"
(which has become like a mantra in our house!)

Most of that stuff has been donated and I've started a small pile of things that we would rather sell.

(anybody have tips about e-bay?)

I'm also on day 56 - FIFTY SIX - of doing yoga every day.

Who knew I had time to do yoga EVERY DAY!?

Mr. Lawler and K-Cup join in most days making for an even more awesome mindful experience.

And as of two days ago, I've added in the Couch to 5k program

(which is majorly killing my shins right now!)

Our house is clean.
My soul feels energized.
Our lovely littles are happy and healthy.
And we have time for all kinds of adventures.

Less is so definitely more.

And with my extra time today - 

I made a week's worth of steel cut oats & my first batch of coconut water kefir!

both unbelievably easy and toddler-helping friendly!

Mr. Lawler requested the oats -

Make-Ahead Steel Cut Oats 

You need:
6 Pint Sized Mason Jars - sterilized! 
Large pot

3 1/3 Cups Steel Cut Oats
8 Cups Water
Couple Pinches of Salt

Bring the above ingredients to a boil
Simmer for 3-5 minutes
Ladle into 6 Pint size mason jars (fill just over halfway)
Screw on tops
Leave on the counter for 6-8 hours to finish cooking (overnight!)
Put in the fridge
When you are ready to eat them -
add some fun!
Honey, cinnamon, raisins, dried fruits, granola...
Enjoy them cold or warm them up!

And the 
Coconut Water Kefir

You need:
Kitchen thermometer
Large pot
Quart sized Mason Jar - Sterilized 

4 cups of fresh coconut water 
(I didn't have any coconuts today, so I used organic & raw coconut water from Whole Foods)
Kefir Starter

Bring the Coconut water to 92 degrees Fahrenheit 
Pour into Mason Jar
Stir in Kefir Starter
Loosely screw on lid
Leave on counter for 24-48 hours 
Taste test at 24 hours to see if it is fizzy and milky white and you like the taste!
Leave up to 48 hours
Lasts in the fridge for 7-14 days

There are so many benefits to drinking kefir- but hopefully I can do a more in depth post, 
once I've created some fun variations!!

Now it's time to get out of the virtual world and be present in the real one!

Happy Tuesday :)


Mrs. Momma Lawler

Saturday, August 16, 2014

DIY Aromatherapy Play Dough


What an incredibly easy and fast project!

Oh my goodness, ya'll.

I love stuff like this because it takes very little prep time and creates a TON of play time.
K-Cup has played for over 4 hours (over the course of the week) with the two batches  I made! 

These recipes call for essential oils to get the aromatherapy please do your research when choosing yummy smells! Some oils are NOT kiddo safe-
Hello peppermint and eucalyptus!
One of my favorite lovelies, Christina, posts all sorts of amazing EO safety (and FUN) information over on Plant Therapy's blog, so if you are interested check her out HERE!

The basic play dough recipe is :
2 cups Flour
I used my organic unbleached
2 tbl spoons Cream of Tarter 
1/2 cup Salt
2 tbl spoons oil -
 I used olive, but vegetable/grapeseed/sunflower/whatever will work
1.5 cups boiling water

1. Mix together the dry ingredients (including any spice/powder you are using for color)

2. Add the oil (and tablespoon or 2 of juice if you are using for color)

3. Slowly mix in the boiling water till it's cool enough to knead with you hands.

4. Knead with you hands :)

5. Add essential oils

6. Knead some more

7. Store in an airtight container (8 oz mason jars are the perfect size for this recipe!)

Now to add color and aromatherapy benefits, theres some wiggle/play room.

For our yellow play dough - 
I used an organic chamomile and lavender tea bag in my boiling water, a tablespoon of turmeric spice and 5 drops of lavender essential oil.

For our pink play dough - 
I used beet juice and a zen essential oil blend

and I love the calming aromatherapy blends because when it's time for play dough at our house...that generally means it's quiet time!

There are also lots of essential oils and blends that promote clarity & attention, kill germs, boost immunity...
the list goes on and on- if you aren't already into essential oils, a little research will get you there!

Hope you all have some fun - and get the littles involved with the making!

Happy Saturday :)


Mrs. Momma Lawler

Monday, August 11, 2014

Social Media Cleanse

Hi World! 
As life would have it, I'm entirely too far behind on my blogging.  

For good reason though :D

Life with two babies is fantastic and busy!

But before I start posting all of our latest adventure updates, recipes and DIY projects - 
I want to explain our new social media cleanse.

It's too much.

I'm aimlessly peruse my Facebook newsfeed reading complaints about life from acquaintances of over a decade ago.  I have accumulated hours of pointless reading of weird articles that I have no actual interest in.  I devour unlikely "news" stories and then don't bother to check the validity of them.

Mr. Lawler and I are reading/working through The Desire Map by Daniella LaPorte,
{A M A Z I N G} 
and while answering questions dealing with wastes of time in my life or things that bring me down - 
social media almost always makes the list.

I love instagram. I love blogging. I love looking at pictures of my close friends and families new babies and life adventures. I love bring awareness to normalizing breastfeeding and parenting by one's own instinct. I love pinterest.  

The rest of it drains my energy.

And even though it's a drain on my soul, I still find myself scrolling through my newsfeed while trying to relax in the tub, when the big girl is distracted playing her own games and when the hubby is driving and we are in the car.  

The straw that broke the camels back?

Today at lunch, I asked K-Cup to come sit down at the table and she brought my phone with her saying 
"Momma forget her phone".


I'm not going to be THAT mom. 

My first plan was to ditch Facebook entirely.  
The hubby hasn't Facebook-ed in a year and is enjoying the disconnect! 

Then I remembered all the family and close friends that I don't see often because of the whole Army thing.  I want to be able to connect with them and Facebook is entirely too convenient for that.

Plus, I want to keep my Lawler's Lovelies page.    

So the current plan is to detox myself with a Facebook friend's cleanse.  

My personal page is going to become just that. 

If I don't interact with you in a REAL sense, 
it's time to get less personal.

I have become what I consider to be REAL friends with people I interact with only through social media, and I want to continue with those relationships.

But if we don't really interact in any way besides seeing random pictures of the pets of some guy I met one time at a Frat party 7 years's time to end the Facebook relationship :D

The reason I'm explaining all of this is I don't want to hurt feelings.

I know a lot of people comment and "like" things on my personal page, and I feel some of those people may feel jilted, but that's exactly why I'm keeping my public page! 
 I will still post blog updates, pictures and articles to that page and if you want to stay involved after the cleanse - that's the way to do it!  

Plus - if I am jacking around less on Facebook - I have much more time for fun projects resulting in fun blog posts! :D 

Thanks for reading - and I hope you continue to!!

More interesting and fun posts to come in the future ;)

Happy Monday

Mrs. Momma Lawler